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Simon & Lee Anne Haggard

Are you looking at the Prosperity of Life Business and wondering if it a SCAM.. or if it is too Good to be True?

Then watch these videos for a true insider perspective.

From people who has been doing this business Full Time for over 11 years..

Hear more from Lee Anne

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Hi, we are Lee Anne & Simon Haggard

We've been exactly where you are - carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Overworked, unappreciated and super stressed. 

Instead of bouncing out of bed every day to go to work, you drag yourself into the office and barely get through the day.  Definitely not living your best life.

As parents and a business owners, we were the same. Juggling everything. Lee Anne was ran her own franchise working very long hours and her kids lived at daycare. 

Her business was taking over her life.

Lee Anne Haggard

This is not how we wanted our life to be anymore. We wanted to create a life where we could spend time doing the things we love. Travelling, spending time with our family, reading a good book, lazing on a beach, or just doing NOTHING if we wanted to.

We went from working long hours a week to creating flexibility within our working life, allowing us the freedom to do all the things we love - and the great news is... you can too!

For the past 11 years we've worked when it suits us and we love that we get to grow, learn and develop ourselves along the way.  

We have a huge passion for helping others, 
and we want to help you create flexibility at work and a 

life you love!

Simon Haggard